Romantic Games Adults Should Play

The Instruction Manual for Men
on Romance

by Gary Balser
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"When it comes to romance, men just don't have a clue!" That seems to be the consensus of women around the world.

Relationships are often destroyed because careers, children and apathy have replaced the very joys that brought a couple together.

Many men have a difficult time planning and executing a romantic encounter for their wives or girlfriends. But now there is an all-inclusive method for men and women to bring that initial joy and fire back into a relationship.

Romantic Games Adults Should Play is THE

Instruction Manual for Men on Romance!
Gary Balser, author of the soon to be published book, Romantic Games Adults Should Play, began writing over thirty years ago, first in college newspapers, and then in a biweekly column in a Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, newspaper.  Later, he became writer, editor and publisher of a monthly newspaper for a non-profit corporation.

As Director of a Christian singles organization, he counseled men and women on relationships, which provided the foundation for writing Romantic Games Adults Should Play.   After listening to women and men nationwide, and hearing their true hunger for love and romance, Gary was inspired to plan and execute romantic games that added respect, honor, and fun to a couple's relationship.  He has been nationally published in magazines regarding creativity and relationships.
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Today, Gary is Director of a non-profit corporation, Blended Strands, that offers interactive marriage enrichment seminars throughout the Southeastern United States.  Blended Strands provides training for men and women who are interested in pursuing a romantic lifestyle whether married just a few months or for many years.

Through his book, Romantic Games Adults Should Play, and the Blended Strands seminars, Gary strives to help couples learn how to weave the strands of their lives into a fun and exciting love relationship of honor, respect, and commitment:  One Mind, One Body, One Spirit.

At the present time, the author is seeking an outstanding
non-fiction literary agent and quality publisher to market
this project for helping people improve their happiness in life.

Gary Balser
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